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My musical life began as a small child, one of six musical children. I was homeschooled and devoted much of my childhood and teenage years to learning the violin, then under the tutelage of Lee Snyder at Settlement Music School in Philadelphia, PA. It was through this regimented study, and through Lee Snyder's experienced council, where I first developed my violin technique and cultivated my skills in the practice room. I began to study viola also at the age of 16 with Xiao-Fu Zhou, where I began to learn how the tools I had been developing through violin could be complemented by a holistic understanding. In this teaching there was a particular focus on relaxation; on using body weight for maximum advantage. I was also encouraged to finely tune into my sensory world while playing, feeling the smallest vibration of the violin string and learning to breathe freely and openly, allowing this current of breath to energize my playing. Xiao-Fu likened the aural delights of music to those of taste in cooking and to the brushstrokes of great painters whose works of art hung on his walls. My perspective on the art of violin playing has been deeply impacted by this influence in my life, which has become like a compass for me. I also had my highest concentration of performances during this time, as I was active in chamber music and involved in a circuit of local competition through which I was privileged with several solo performances with orchestra. I moved to New York in 2011 to attend Stony Brook University, where I was fortunate to study with a distinguished group of classical violin professionals. Over a five year span I studied with Joanna Kaczarowska, Philip Setzer, Soovin Kim, Hagai Shaham, and Arnaud Sussman. Here I began also to teach students myself. This marks the start of an 11-year teaching career which has included preparing my students for all levels of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) auditions which are held every year. I hope to always continue learning through my work with students, and I am here now to offer my tips and tricks to anyone who wants to learn from me as I continue on my journey.

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